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Holmer C of E Academy

Holmer C of E Academy

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Year 1

Year 1 counting with dominos

Counting Year 1 maths counting grandadmaths count with dominos counting to ten

Year 1 adding with objects

Year 1 maths Addition with objects grandadmaths adding numbers

Year 1 addition - numberline

year 1 adding numbers using numberline to add addition with numberline grandadmaths

Year 1 Subtracting

maths year 1 take away subtraction grandadmaths

Year 1 Digits and partition

Year 1 maths digits maths partition partitioning grandadmaths

Year 1 halves and doubles

halving numbers doubling numbers half of a number year 1 maths halves and doubles grandadmaths

Year 1 divide by number line

year 1 maths division maths number line grandadmaths

Year1 division by grouping

Year 1 maths dividing Dividing by grouping grandadmaths

Year 1 divide by sharing

year 1 maths division divide by sharing grandadmaths

Year 1 Multiplying

year 1 multiplying with objects

Year 1 Fractions

maths simple fractions half quarter fractions year 1 maths grandadmaths