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Intent – English: Presentation 

The curriculum is designed with our pupils and the Holmer community in mind. It enables children to access and enhance their understanding of their home, their city and the wider community, developing their cultural capital and giving them opportunities and choices about their future and their impact as they progress through their school career and beyond. This will help them become successful members of modern British society, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities.

Curriculum statements:
EYFS: “Uses a pencil and holds it effectively to form recognisable letters, most of which are correctly formed.”
KS1: “Forms capital letters correctly and starts using some of the diagonal and horizontal strokes needed to join letters and understand which letters, when adjacent to one another, are best left un-joined.”
KS2: “Writes legibly, fluently and with increasing speed by choosing which writing implement is best suited for the task and by choosing shape of a letter to use when given choices and deciding whether or not to join specific letters.”

What will be made, produced, performed, or published?
Children will demonstrate their handwriting skills through a combination of discrete lessons along with whole class teaching where cursive joins are consistently modelled and the skills are then transferred into a piece of independent writing. 


What knowledge will the children have embedded?
Children will be able to correctly form letters. They will gradually be able to understand which letters join before developing their own style of handwriting with cursive joins that are legible and fluent. 

What retention may be demonstrated?
Here are some example questions that may be used to assess children’s understanding.
⇒ EYFS: Can you show me how to hold your pencil? Can you write the letter t?
⇒ KS1: What does a capital t look like? Can you show me any letters that have diagonal or horizontal flicks (leads in)? 
⇒ KS2: Which writing tool have you chosen to write your story with? Can you write the sentence “A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog,” showing me which letters you’d join?


Cultural Capital 
Presentation - handwriting 

  • Children may demonstrate an understanding of different handwriting styles and use these for their own inspiration. 
  • Children will show an increasing awareness that presentation skills are essential to the wider world. 
  • Children will understand how their handwriting style can change based on the nature of a task, the environment and the situation that they are recording words in. 


British Values:

⇒ Individual liberty

⇒ Mutual respect