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Holmer C of E Academy

Holmer C of E Academy

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The School Governors

The governing body's main aim is to help raise standards of achievement and make sure the school provides a good quality education.


The day-to-day management of the school is the responsibility of the headteacher and staff. Rather than manage, governors are there to help shape the school's future direction and focus.


Governors work as a team. Individual governors have no power or responsibility. It is only the full governing body which has legal duties and powers and all governors share in that corporate responsibility.


Governors are at the heart of how a school operates. It's important they get things right. How they do their job affects the interests of pupils, staff morale and how the school is seen by parents and others in the community. They are not there to rubber stamp decisions. Governors are responsible for how the school is performing. They have to be prepared to support and challenge their headteacher by gathering views, asking questions and deciding what's best for the pupils.


The task can be divided into three main roles:


  • providing a strategic overview
  • acting as a critical friend to the school
  • ensuring accountability.


Holmer’s governors are proud to be part of this fantastic school! We support the pupils, staff and parents in making it even better.

Holmer C E Academy currently has 9 governors. The full governing body meets six times a year, and subcommittees deal in greater detail with particular areas. There are three sub-committees:
· Finance, Buildings & Audit - which includes finance,  health & safety, building project and the resources of the school
· Curriculum and standards committee
· Personnel Committee


The ” Articles of Association state the Academy structure is




a) the Diocesan Corporate Member;

 (b) the chairman of the Directors;

 (c)  two individual members;


The Members with the written consent of the Diocesan Corporate Member may agree by passing a special resolution to appoint such additional Members as they think fit.


Currently the Members of Holmer C E Academy are :

Diocese Corporate Member

Mrs Samantha Lewis ( Chair of Directors)

Mr Andrew Wibmer

Cllr Polly Andrews



Holmer C of E Academy  shall have the following Directors:

 (a) No fewer than five Directors

(b) A minimum of 2 Parent Directors

c)A minimum of 2 Directors appointed by the Diocese including the incumbent

There may also be any number of Co-opted Director


To contact the Governing Body please write to the Chair of Governors, Mrs Samantha Lewis      -

Alternatively you may contact the Clerk to the Governors via email:


If you are interested in finding out more about the Governing Body or becoming a member when a vacancy arises please contact the above people to express your interest.


The Accounting Officer of the Academy is Rachel Jayne Maund who is also a trustee.

The Chief Financial Officer of the Academy is Emma Stackhouse


No employees have a gross annual salary and benefits of £100,000 or more. 


The following are available for public inspection on request:

 - the agenda for every meeting of the trustees and committees

 - the approved minutes of each meeting

 - any report, document or other paper considered at each meeting 


The trust may exclude any item or material relating to:

 - a named teacher or other employee or proposed employee

 - a named pupil or student at the academy or candidate for admission or referral to it

 - any matter which, by reason of its nature, the trustees are satisfied should remain confidential


Governor Register Attendance 2022 - 2023

Register of Interests 2022 2023

Governor Diversity Information

If you require copies of the minutes of the Governing Body meetings please contact the school office.