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Holmer C of E Academy

Holmer C of E Academy

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Welcome to Holmer Church of England Academy


Dear Parents and Friends,

Thank you for visiting our website and wanting to know more about Holmer C of E Academy. We hope you will find our website interesting and learn more about the work of our school.
Holmer has had a school since 1857 and has enjoyed a richly deserved reputation for being a great school for many years. We care deeply about our pupils and always do our best to provide them with an excellent education within a Christian context.
We are aware of the high impact early education has on children's chances of success in later life and the values and standards which they apply to their lives. We value academic excellence and also believe in the importance of teaching children to treat each other with respect and courtesy. We have extremely high expectations of everyone within our community and we are incredibly proud of our school.
We offer all children an equal opportunity to access a broad curriculum and aim to ensure the needs of all pupils are met. Our curriculum also aims to ensure that it will provide a sound foundation for the needs of pupils as they reach adult life in the 21st Century.
If you would like to know more please contact the school office. We would be delighted to share our school with you.

Yours faithfully,

Jayne Maund