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Art Curriculum Overview


" Inspiring us all to create a better world"

Matthew 5: 13-15 " You are the salt of the are the light of the world."


At Holmer CE Academy, we endeavour to equip and nurture the children to become the artists and designers of the future. We provide them with the skill sets and relevant knowledge they need, as well as giving them the freedom to express and explore. Through the Kapow scheme of work we provide a tactical, vibrant and imaginative art and Design curriculum, we engage every child’s capacity to create and design. We also foster a learning environment that appreciates and praises the work of others.


Children develop the key skills of art and design as well as developing personally as artists and designers, becoming increasingly creative, resilient, and confident. Children’s own work is based on a secure understanding of the work of artists, craft makers, architects and designers and the ability to discuss their techniques and intentions.

Therefore, all of our art lessons are designed to:
•    teach the children the necessary  skills to become an artist and throughout the school, this will be evidenced on display boards and in books;
•    provide opportunities to inspire children’s curiosity about art;
•    allow each class to build a portfolio of art skills in their class sketch books that will move throughout the school;
•    encourage core and foundation subject displays in classrooms inspiring children to showcase their work and be proud of what they have created;
•    utilise a range of resources, providing children with the opportunities to experience different mediums and be able to explore and talk about them confidently;
•    draw upon every child’s creative and imaginative mind, being free to produce work that reflects their ideas and mood. 



Art and Desing - Intent, Implementation and Impact statement

All lessons use adaptive teaching to ensure all children can access the Kapow scheme of work. Please see below our long term plan and our progression of skills document.

Kapow - Art and Design Skills and knowledge