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Bonjour! Nos eleves adorent apprendre le francais! It is an area within the curriculum that allows the children to develop essential communication skills in another language while having fun. KS2 children at Holmer take part in one French lesson each week and consistently use these lessons to practise their speaking and listening skills. As you go through the school, it is common to find children answering the register with French terminology to practice. In KS1, children are taught a stand alone lesson focusing on one specific part of the French language. This focus is then used through classroom displays and through the school day to ensure it is used consistently. French lessons at Holmer teach children to work independently and as part of a team and it also enables them to learn about other cultures around the world.  In KS2, classes are taught one French lesson each week and are encouraged to use this language as frequently as possible in a fun and exciting way.

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