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Music at Holmer Overview including curriculum

Holmer Music Development Plan 2023-2024

" Inspiring us all to create a better world"

Matthew 5: 13-15 " You are the salt of the are the light of the world."


Why Music?

Music is maths - music is rhythm based on the division of time into fractions.

Music is P.E. - it requires coordination of fingers, lips and the control of the back and stomach.

Music is language - in fact it is a UNIVERSAL language

Music is history - music has been present during every era of time

Music is art - music allows us to create emotion

Music is life - that's why our hearts have beats

Music is Science - music is about acoustics and frequencies produced by voices and instruments

Music is reading - reading music requires subsets of skills and these same skills help to maintain our literacy.

Music is FUN - music can make us feel good. It is known to have a positive effect on our mental health and well-being!



Some of our favourite assembly songs you can practise at home!

Gospel medley - Sing Up

This is a singer version of a medley comprising the well-known spiritual songs 'Swing low, sweet chariot', 'When the saints go marching in' and 'I'm gonna si...


One of the most popular songs in the Sing Up Song Bank, this Lin Marsh classic is even more powerful when it's signed. Discussing the signs really reinforces...

Good to be me - Sing Up

A signed version of the Song Bank song. To find out more, go to


Children's action song

Count on me - Bruno Mars - SignSing BSL SSE

Somewhere Only We Know - Keane- SignSing BSL SSE

Love Song To The Earth

Music video by Paul McCartney, Jon Bon Jovi, Sheryl Crow, Fergie, Colbie Caillat, Natasha Bedingfield, Leona Lewis, Sean Paul, Johnny Rzeznik, Krewella, Ange...

Some new songs we're going to be learning this year!

Power In Me Dance Moves - Full Run

Andy Instone takes us through all the moves we need for the Power in Me.

'There's a power in the music' lyric video (performance track) - Sing Up Day 2020

Join singers around the world on 11 March for Sing Up Day. More info: Become a Sing Up Friend (it's free) to take part -www.singup...

Some Music activities you can try at home!



  • Learn to read musical notes by completing the worksheets.
  • Listen to your favourite songs and learn to sing them.
  • Create your own rhythmic patterns using body percussion.
  • Try creating your own melodies (tunes) using a keyboard/piano. Don’t have a keyboard/piano at home? Use the worksheet on this page.
  • Explore sounds at home and make your own instrument using things such as kitchen roll tubes and tin cans. There are some ideas in this booklet or find more ideas online at BBC’s Bring the Noise.
  • Find the BBC 10 Pieceswebsite online and choose some pieces to listen to. Find your favourite and write a review about it (see review template below)
  • Visit the websites listed above
  • Find Chrome Music Lab online and create your own musical patterns – try Song Maker, Rhythm, or Melody Maker.

Make Your Own Instruments!