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What Music looks like in Holmer C of E Academy



What a Music lesson looks like in our school:


  • Music is taught in KS2 by music specialists who teach a variety of instruments e.g. flute,
  • Opportunities to inspire children to take up an instrument of their own.
  • Children have had opportunities to perform what they have been taught to family and to the school in assemblies.
  • Music is now taught in KS1 using Charanga.
  • Charanga gives children the opportunity to learn about rhythm, beat and to gain an opinion on the music genres that they like.
  • Children are encouraged to appraise pieces of music.
  • Children are taught to listen out for different instruments.



This is how it works:


  • Teachers use TA and previous assessment to identify initial entry point for each child.
  • Work to be updated and displayed in classroom throughout the year.
  • Collaborative work in each year group.
  • Collaborative work as a whole school community and performances to be done during school year.
  • We have a weekly hymn practice where the whole school learn classic hymns and also music from different genres.
  • We have different events that the choir perform at throughout the year such as Young Voices.
  • As a church school we have good links with Holmes Parish and we have taken part in services there where we sing hymns.
  • Our choir perform locally for nursing homes at Christmas time and for members of the public.



This is our philosophy:


  • High quality modelling and scaffolding of the skill leading to high quality musical skills.
  • Children learning through exploring different genres whilst acquiring new skills.
  • Cross-curricular links wherever possible.
  • Children to gain a love of music and to have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.




This is what we do:


  • Each Year group in KS1 have particular skills to focus on which are set out and made clear in Charanga. The children will then progress through the skills as they move up the school.
  • In KS2, children learn a different instrument each year and are taught by a music specialist.
  • By the time the children leave Year 6, they will have covered a range of musical genres and styles to really get the children engaged and enjoying their learning.
  • Lessons are taught once a week in each year group. Links with other areas of the curriculum are embraced to provide a more meaningful learning experience.
  • All children in KS2 are welcome in the choir at Holmer and will get the opportunity to go on various trips to develop their skills and to perform to audiences.
  • Learning walks to see evidence of music being taught.
  • Whole school PD.
  • Raised profile of music through the use of performances.
  • Yearly opportunities for parental involvement to showcase music being taught.


This is what you might typically see:




  • Happy and engaged learners.
  • Paired/group work.
  • A range of different activities including practical and use of technology.
  • Engagement and perseverance.
  • Self-motivated children.
  • Children talking about, sharing and reflecting on their learning.



This is how we know how well our pupils are doing:



  • Teacher assessment/ targets in KS2.
  • Feedback given on performances.
  • Targeted use of TAs- TAs to support individual children.
  • Monitoring of children’s progress.


This is the impact of the teaching:


  • Confident children who can talk about different styles of music.
  • Children who are enjoying their learning in music.



This is how we use intervention

  • Use teacher and self-assessment to quickly identify any child who requires additional support in specific areas.
  • Then they receive pre-teaching or immediate intervention to ensure they have sufficient skills in place to access the next teaching.



This is how we challenge the higher attainers/rapid graspers:


  • Differentiation planned from very start of lesson

  • Small group work to further challenge