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Welcome to Year 2

2SB and 2W

Year 2 has two classes - 2SB and 2W. Mrs. Stevenson and Mrs. Brammer teach 2SB.  2W is taught by Miss Wisniewski (known to the children as Miss. Wizz.)  2SB is supported by Mrs. Hill (TA). 2W is supported by Mrs. Harris (TA).


Reading is one of the most important things your child will learn to do.  They need it to access every lesson and the world around them including iPads and Xboxes! Therefore a great emphasis is placed on this skill and we expect all children to read 4 times a week at home. Please hear them read and talk to your child about what they have read as this helps your child gain in confidence and helps them to express their understanding of what they have read.  Writing a short comment in their diary helps us to see how they have got on. We are very lucky to have two volunteer readers coming in to support your children on a weekly basis.


P.E. is taught twice weekly. Your child will need a named P.E. kit, including pumps/trainers in school at all times. Please check your child's pumps/trainers regularly to ensure they fit. Children should ideally not wear earrings on PE days, if they have to do so, please provide tape to cover them. Year 2 have swimming lessons in the Autumn Term for a 2 week block in the afternoons at the end of October so please have swimming kits at the ready!

Year 2 Teaching Staff

Year 2 Teaching Staff 1 Mrs. Brammer
Year 2 Teaching Staff 2 Miss Wizz
Year 2 Teaching Staff 3 Mrs. Hill
Year 2 Teaching Staff 4 Mrs. Broome
Year 2 Teaching Staff 5
Ways to support your child in Maths in Year 2