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Intent: Science – Chemistry 


The curriculum is designed with our pupils and the Holmer community in mind. It enables children to access and enhance their understanding of their home, their city and the wider community, developing their cultural capital and giving them opportunities and choices about their future and their impact as they progress through their school career and beyond. This will help them become successful members of modern British society, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities.

Curriculum statements 
EYFS: “Children can observe a range of phenomena and see how they change.”
KS1: “Children can carry out comparative tests to see how different chemical elements react and change.”
KS2: “Children can compare and carry out fair tests to see how and why chemical elements change. ”


What will be made, produced, performed, or published?
Children will produce a piece of work, demonstrating their knowledge and understanding. They will participate in a sequence of lessons with a scientific focus, producing a range of evidence including written work.

What knowledge will the children have embedded?
Children will be able to recall specific scientific facts about materials and their properties and know how they can be changed by different processes.


What retention may be demonstrated?
Here are some example questions that may be used to assess children’s understanding.
⇒ EYFS: What is the temperature like outside? When would the ground be frozen?
⇒ KS1: Why do humans need oxygen? What do we breathe out?
⇒ KS2: What is a solution? How would we make a substance dissolve quickly?


Cultural Capital 

  • Children will gain an understanding of aspects of chemistry. Pupils may demonstrate knowledge of a variety of experiments linked to chemical reactions and properties.
  • They will have a knowledge of chemical elements, and how these elements can change if subject to a range of tests.
  • Children will learn about testing and how to make a test fair. Their knowledge of chemistry can lead to a wide range of jobs beyond, not just in, science fields. 


British Values: 
⇒ Mutual respect

⇒ Tolerance of different faiths & beliefs